Donation Guidelines

We recognize that there are many different menstrual products on the market,

and it could be challenging deciding what exactly to pick out!

This page is dedicated to providing guidance on what we love to receive here at All Cycles. Please see our Amazon Wishlist for more detailed examples. 


Unscented: The perfumes used in some pads can cause irritation. 
Long Wear or ‘Overnight’ Protection: 8 Hour+ Pads that are still thin are preferred. 
Regular: The next best thing to long wear pads.
Wings or No Wings: Either are great. These are mainly a personal preference.
Long Pads: These are great! Long pads are often needed by folks with larger bodies.
All Natural/Organic: These are wonderful, but pricey. If you have the means to donate these, they will be appreciated — but we value donations of all types and price points equally.
Opened Packages: We can accept opened packages of Pads as long as the pads themselves are individually wrapped.

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