Hi, everyone. We are disappointed to announce that we will no longer have donation bins at @aradiayeg

Aradia Fitness was recently sent a call to action letter (link below) asking for improvements to make the studios a safer space for all, with a focus on LGBTQ2S+ and BIPOC individuals. When this letter was released publicly, Aradia Fitness remained silent about their public harm. The letter writers were villainized and faced verbal harassment, including threats of physical violence from students. No matter what was said, Aradia made no unprompted effort to stop the harassment from happening.

Eventually, anyone who asked them questions through social media for accountability on the calls to action, were blocked. Some were blocked simply for sharing the call to action letter, with no added commentary. Despite being told repeatedly that private conversations had been tried before and nothing came of them, Aradia insisted that they would not address anyone on social media. It has reached a point where the original calls to action are on the back burner, as the community is more concerned about their efforts to silence any and all dissenting voices.

Through their actions as well as their inaction, Aradia Fitness has made it clear to us they will not protect their queer, trans, and BIPOC students. When it comes down to the tough conversations, white fragility has been weaponized against BIPOC students, and anyone else trying to make Aradia a safer space for all. Their allyship is optical at best, and imaginary at worst.

All Cycles Edmonton acknowledges that anti-racism is a daily practice. It requires action that isn’t always comfortable, but is always necessary. We are committed to engaging in that work. For this reason, we cannot in good conscience continue to work with Aradia Fitness. Check our website for donation bin locations.

Call to action letter on Facebook